About Boyt Hard Cases & Vaults

The core Boyt brand has continued to expand, entering the injection molded travel case market with the introduction of the Boyt H-Case series.


“As hard core travelling hunters, we all knew what we wanted in a hard sided case so the development of the H -Series hard cases was a natural step for us” said Pat Foley, Boyt’s vice president of product development. “We took the injection molded hard case to the next level, our steel draw latches keep the case closed during rough transport conditions and our custom resin formulation gives the case a tensile strength that is not effected by weather extremes.”


Though some hunters may complain about packing a heavy injection molded gun case through airports and parking lots, the wheels on the larger cases make it a snap and the weight is actually the key to success. “Weight absorbs impact” says Foley, “You have to have weight to absorb shock so the impact is dampened by the case and not transferred to the rifle optics. We have dropped cases from twenty feet with no cross hair damage or movement on a variety of scope brands and types. The physics are fairly straight forward.”


The H-cases feature high density, easy to customize foam, a dust and water proof O-ring seal, and a built-in pressure relief valve that equalizes pressure on the inside of the case. It’s true stackable design makes storing multiple cases a space efficient snap. Larger models have heavy-duty in-line wheels for easy maneuvering. The case’s most unique feature is the time proven draw latches that keep the case closed and sealed tight under even the most extreme conditions. Each case features two pad lock boss areas to facilitate secured travel and safety as well.